The history

History began in the middle of the 13th century with the construction of the Donjon, a 23-metre high, square, donjon tower. It served as a safe haven for the Lords of Jemeppe. In the past, this region was the scene of many battles between the Namur and Luxembourg dynasties. 


Jean D'Ochain first moved into the château in 1280. This was followed by the Ans family as owners of the château. They continued to build the estate and transformed the Donjon into a castle by adding three wings surrounded by a moat.


Next generations added among others 'La Ferme' where the stables were located. This family built the domain to what is still present today. Since the 13th century only 4 families have been owners of Château Jemeppe.

Throughout the 20th century the castle was in a dilapidated state which made a restoration much needed. In 1997 the restoration works started to restore the domain back to its former glory. In total 14 years have been restored to this castle to bring it back to what it is today and what it was in the past: an impressive domain with a rich history.


In addition to the buildings, the entire estate has been brought back together as it was before. The surrounding woods and meadows account for 34 hectares which brings the total estate size to 45 hectares.


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